The theme is "recovery"

Heal your mind and body.

It's a small space, but it's a place where you can relax while listening to the scent of your choice, the sounds of the babbling sounds of the river in the forest, and the sounds of the natural environment such as the voices of birds.

​We hope that you can reduce your daily stress as much as possible.

​(Some people are not good at aroma oil, so we would like to ask your request first)

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In modern society, people are under some stresses every day.

Since stress is an "external stimulus", it cannot be avoided.

Rather, good stimulation is necessary to have a sense of tension and a sense of crisis.

However, it seems that good stimuli may turn into bad stimuli if overexposed.

Even if I think I'm fine, there is some distortion (mental and physical).

we can not use the word "chiryou(treatment in English)" in our shop. because there is a reason...legally.

(bu we can use "トリートメントtreatment in Japanese...)

Anyway we can help reduce stress.

I think that you can experience the comfort of touching the hands of others at beauty salons.

At our shop, we treat not only part of the body but also the whole body. (Reflexology only below the knee)

We believe that you can be more relaxed by preparing your entire body at the same time, rather than approaching only stiffed places.